Strike Alpha Samsung Car Cradle.

Strike Alpha Samsung  Car Mobile Phone Holder is specifically designed to securely hold your Samsung even on bumpy roads. This Samsung car mount gives you access to your apps and maps without distracting you from driving. The Strike Alpha Samsung Phone Holder comes with a built-in fast charger to ensure that your device has power even after long hours of travel. No more worries about battery drain. You can enjoy your Samsung  features for longer whilst on the road. This Samsung car cradle also has a passive FME connector that allows you to boost mobile signal on your phone through connecting to a reputable external antenna.

  • The internal passive antenna of the Samsung Car Mobile Phone Holder is specifically incorporated to improve your mobile signal once used with a reputable external antenna. The cradle comes with a FME male connector so it can be connected to an external antenna.
  • This  phone holder requires the help of a professional during the installation. A trained professional will attach the cradle to the swivel mount provided in the package and will connect it to the power pack to your car’s electronics.

NSW mobile phone rules.