Fleet & Corporate offices In Sydney

Dealerships and retail outlets can’t avoid overheads and often this drives up costs when company fleets are fitted out with any type of car kit.

At Automotive Mobile Installations, we don’t have those burdens, so savings are passed on to your company.

We can fit out any company fleet, whether large or small – and add the extra convenience of coming to you, on site!

Whether your company wants identical fitout in every vehicle or a completely unique solution to every single car, we are primed to make this happen as our specialists will be there, with you, to listen to every single requirement.

If your fleet already has blue tooth or not, we customise precisely to your requirements and always with professional, polished workmanship that is guaranteed.

Any challenge is welcomed, from cars through to vans, trucks and large haulage units as well as earthmoving and other construction vehicles and always we come to your site, an advantage we are sure you will enjoy as it minimises downtime to as little time as possible.

Never again contemplate the time and cost of sending your vehicles offsite for a fitout!

We are happy to fit your fleet with all types of technologies to make driving safer and more convenient for you: everything from hands-free car kits, reverse sensor & camera options, satellite tracking, black box recorders through to in-car navigation & entertainment solutions. You can see our entire list of technologies and services here.