Truck And Car Handbrake Alarm In Sydney

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Truck And Car Handbrake Alarm Sydney

Overall vehicle safety is not just limited to brake and airbag systems. It includes the highest possible protection for the passengers, the driver, the pedestrians, and the vehicle by limiting the risks of various incidents.

Most vehicle owners focus on the control and safety features used while their vehicles are running. Many of them don’t consider or often forget the vehicle security while parking, including applying the handbrakes and properly closing the doors. Automotive Mobile Installation offers advanced truck and car handbrake alarm in Sydney to help the vehicle owners and drivers to enhance the safety and security of their rides.

An Advanced Safety System To Your Rides

We offer REDARC HBA1224 handbrake alarm that is designed to fit on 12V or 24 V vehicle systems. The alarm system monitors the doorframe and handbrake switch of your vehicle and gives you visual and audible warnings if they are not properly applied.

The car and truck alarm system can minimise the risks of leaving the car without the handbrake on. When connected with the external relay or horn, the alarm system can also warn the people in the general area that the vehicle is left without putting the handbrake on.

Features And Benefits

Whether you want a handbrake alarm system for commercial vehicles or your private car, our systems can be your ideal choice for you with the following features and benefits:

  • Suitable for various vehicles
  • Designed for universal fitment
  • Security against damage due to runaway vehicles
  • Built-in LED warning light, internal piezo buzzer
  • Output latches on once triggered
  • Can also be used in headlight alarm and various other installations

The compact design of the handbrake alarm system makes it easy to fit in all types of vehicles. The installation is also hassle-free and can be completed in a few minutes.

Professional Handbrake Alarm Installation

At Automotive Mobile Installation, we also provide the installation of the handbrake alarm while supplying the system. We have a team of handbrake alarm technicians who can provide you with quick installation services.

Whether you want handbrake alarm for a fleet or your private car, our technicians can complete the installation instantly. If you have questions about choosing our handbrake alarms, they can provide you with expert information and answers.

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