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Phone Car Holder Installation Sydney

Don’t use mobile phones while driving – it’s one of the most widely seen warning from the authorities since the introduction of mobile phones. But keeping your phone close to your eyesight in your eye level is important for you to manage yourself better while driving.

Even if you just want to check the map for direction, it’s not safe to use smartphones while driving. However, with phone car holders, you have a smarter way to manage the “phone hassles”.

Wide Range Of Phone Car Holders And Antennas

At Automotive Mobile Installation, we offer an excellent range of car phone holders and antennas to help people to enjoy a more comfortable and hassle-free driving. All our products are compatible with different types of smartphones available on the market.

These phone holders are also ideal for trucks and come with several advanced features to address some of your immediate challenges with phones while travelling. The features include wireless charging, individual adjustment features for optimal positioning, and more.

You can also choose phone holders that are designed to mount on the dashboard or windscreen of your car. Our mobile antennas provide true multiband performance based on the needs of our customers, and they have a compact design.

Rather than phone car holder and antennas, we offer so many other products like dash cam installation, reverse cameras, hand brake alarm and much more.

Installation For Commercial And Private Vehicles

Our phone car holders and antennas are ideal for commercial, private, and corporate vehicles. Whether you want phone car holders for your fleet or commercial vehicles, our technicians have the expertise to complete the installation of these accessories instantly.

You can also get their assistance to choose the right phone car holder based your specific needs in terms of functionality, features, quality, and affordability.

Superior Quality Products At Affordable Prices

At Automotive Mobile Installation, we source, supply, and install superior quality, tested products. No matter you choose phone holders, mobile antennas, car alarm systems, or any other vehicle accessories, our products are designed to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, durability, functionality, and affordability.

All our products are competitively priced and give you excellent value with the features and options. Your efforts to look after the safety and security of your vehicle is no longer a costly affair with Automotive Mobile Installation.

Connect With Our Technicians Today

If you want a safe, comfortable travel experience with high-quality phone car holders and antennas, contact us today. Call us on 0417 404 438 or email us at to discuss your requirements with our technicians.