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Mounting a trailer to your car needs careful consideration of a few factors. And one of the most important aspects you can’t ignore while towing is how effectively your car can control the trailer. Precisely, do you need any additional braking mechanism to control the vehicle and the trailer at once?

At Automotive Mobile Installation, we offer electric trailer brakes to help drivers to have excellent control over their vehicles when mounted with trailers. Regardless of the weight of the trailer, the condition of the road, or the terrain, our electric trailer brakes can give you seamless performance and greater control.

Electric Brakes With Advanced Features

We supply and install some of the most advanced trailer brake technologies that are designed to make your trips safe and hassle-free. With our braking systems, you have the option to choose the proportional mode for highway driving and user-controlled mode for off-rode rides.

Whether you want electric brakes for your trucks or cars, our system gives you the following advantages:

  • Electric or electric/hydraulic operations
  • Smooth braking performance
  • Dexter Sway Control and AL-KO ESC system compliant
  • The main unit installed out of sight
  • Safe braking at fingertip

The switch of the braking system is designed to mount in a blank switch panel within the arm’s length of the driver – in an unused area of the centre console or the dashboard. Therefore, the driver can apply the brake quite seamlessly when required.

Professional Electric Brake Installation

Automotive Mobile Installation has a team of technicians who will provide you with professional brake installation in no time. No matter you have a fleet of cars or commercial trucks, our technicians can install the brakes in your vehicles in quick turnaround at your location.

All our technicians have many years of experience in providing brake installation services and know how to seamlessly integrate the advanced electric brake into your vehicle’s ecosystem.

We also offer other installation services like dash cam installation, reverse camera installation and more. To know about our all Installation service visit browse website.

High-Quality Braking System At Affordable Prices

While we offer high-quality braking system, we also ensure that they are highly affordable to the pockets of our customers. When the braking system adds a little more to your vehicle’s maintenance, it adds safety and comfortability to your rides.

We also have a broad range of other vehicle accessories and alarm systems at highly competitive prices. You can browse our range of vehicle accessories and safety systems to make your road trips a better experience.

Connect With Our Brake Technicians Today

Make your camper trailer or caravan trips seamless and safe with an advanced electric braking system. Talk to our brake technicians today to discuss your specific needs. You can contact us on 0417 404 438 or email us at sales@automotivemobileinstallation.com.au.