This Entry Level Dual Headrest DVD System From HiTV Leaves Many Expensive Systems Looking Prehistoric. This Headrest Comes Custom Built For Your Car With Over 60 Different Fabrics & Leathers as Well as The perfect Pole Size For Any Car.


As Australia’s only ADR03 and ADR22 (Australian Design Rule vehicle safety standard) complied rear seat DVD headrests provider, HiTV has set the standard in the rear seat entertainment industry, in addition HiTV has revolutionised the way in which Car Video/Audio Specialists and New Car Dealers offer rear seat entertainment products.

  • With the highest design quality, HiTV TwinView series DVD headrest is the only headrest in the market that passes the toughest safety test and offers you a one-piece-forged stainless steel post.
  • One-piece-forged stainless steel post to ensure the greatest strength.
  • Factory fit configuration to maximise comfort.

Advanced Audio/Video functions of The Vantage DVD Headrests

  • SD Card Reader For Soft Copy Movies
  • Front USB input for flash-drive media devices.
  • Remote Control.
  • 2 Wireless Dual Channel Headsets.
  • Game console

Special Features of Vantage DVD Headrests

HiTV is dedicated to provide you with the original look with a wide range of colours and luxurious leather texture.

  • More than 60 different leather and fabric trims to match with your original car interior.
  • Each system includes 2 matching headrests with integrated 7.0″ digital LCD display.
  • Preserve original headrest characteristics looks.
  • Various post size to fit different vehicles