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Deluxe Remote Alarm.

This multi Australian Standards approved immobiliser alarm provides two circuits of engine immobilisation operated by rolling code random encrypted remote control. Entry point protection of doors, boot and bonnet with piezo shock sensor. Audible warning is achieved via  Australian Standards battery digital back up siren, visually via the vehicle indicators and via a dash mounted high intensity red LED. The system may provide keyless entry. Proudly Australian.


  •    Two crystal locked code hopping remote keys
  •     Doors, bonnet and boot protection
  •     Piezo shock sensor
  •     Digital battery siren
  •     Flashing LED (Blue superbright also available)
  •     Engine Immobilisation (2 or 3 points)
  •     Pin number override
  •     Central locking integration (full)
  •     Eight sector automatic diagnostic system
  •     Black wiring harness/Tracking interface
  •     Adjustable Turbo Timer/Turbo Timer interface
  •     24 Volt models available
  •     Designed and tested to Australian Standards