BlackVue Dash Camera Installation in Sydney

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With numerous benefits like recording features, event locking functionality, the best night vision capacity, and much more, the BlackVue dash cam has been gaining popularity over the few years. The main goal of this dash cam is to record every minute detail inside and outside the vehicle. Even while driving, the BlackVue dash camera detects sudden speed changes to avoid possible accidents.

If you are looking for BlackVue dash camera installation in Sydney, Australia, Automotive Mobile Installation is your ultimate destination. We have been delivering high-quality automotive accessories and installation services for your vehicles, fleet, and business operations for many years. One of our best range of products includes a BlackVue dash camera. Following are the types of dash cam we provide as per your requirements: –

Why It Is Worth Installing A BlackVue Dash Cam?

BlackVue dash cams have several smart features that assist drivers in staying safe on the road and securing their vehicles even while parked. In addition, many car enthusiasts highlighted that BlackVue’s durability distinguishes it from competing companies.

Seamless Pairing is another aspect that makes this dash cam simple to use. It lets you connect to your BlackVue dash cam using the dedicated smartphone app, eliminating the need to enter passwords manually. This way, it maintains the security level.

Getting clear, crisp videos is vital, especially when we talk about sudden road accidents. With BlackVue dash camera installation, you will get 4K video quality. Also, they are intended to record for up to two hours. Although, the actual recording time may differ based on battery life.

Additionally, its parking mode monitoring feature protects your parked vehicle in case of hit-and-runs or damage. And its cloud technology allows you to monitor your phone’s live camera and receive push notifications.

Our Step-By-Step Dash Cam Installation Process

No matter the vehicle or product, it’s critical that your dash cam installation is done correctly; otherwise, you risk losing out on crucial video evidence in the event of an accident. Automotive Mobile Installation starts with easily reachable customer care to give consumers the best dash cam assistance possible. Furthermore, our professionals will guarantee a smooth installation of your BlackVue dash camera.

Step1: Even if you don’t smoke, the cigarette lighter socket in your car is more essential than you realise. You can power your vehicle by connecting a cigarette lighter to your dash cam. Besides the parking mode feature, you will still have access to smartphone app integration, Wi-Fi, GPS, and full HD recording.

Step2: The most common way to power a dash cam is to hardwire it to the fuse box. With this arrangement, you will receive two front and back camera security channels – ideal if you want continual coverage throughout town.

Step3: The release of the OBD cable is very exciting for consumers interested in speedy operation. Attach it underneath the steering wheel for a quick solution. When you use this plug-and-play device, you’ll have access to capabilities like parking mode recording with your dash cam (depending on the kind).

Step4: You may safeguard your car by using a dash cam battery pack to capture any interactions while your vehicle is parked. This way, if something damages the car or anything else near its outside (like someone else’s pocketbook), there will be video evidence thanks to the device’s installation. Battery charging also provides more significant recording for a longer duration than traditional ones do. Users can access these recordings through the integration with their smartphones for 24/7 monitoring. To Acquire a BlackVue Dash Camera, Contact Automotive Mobile Installation

Dash cams are a great way to ensure your safety while driving. So, ensure you get the best device for recording footage in case anything happens on or near roadways. At Automotive Mobile Installation, we stock some top-rated dash cam models from BlackVue that can be installed as per your needs.


How much does it cost to install a BlackVue dashcam?

It can cost anywhere between $850.00 to $1200.00 to install a BlackVue dashcam, depending on the model you choose and the installer you go with.

BlackVue is a high-quality dashcam brand that is popular in Australia. The cameras are reliable and easy to use. They offer excellent Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can quickly transfer footage from your camera to your computer or smartphone. When choosing a BlackVue dashcam, it’s essential to consider the camera’s size. Some models are more significant than others, so you must ensure they fit comfortably in your car.

Where do I put the BlackVue dashcam?

You can install your BlackVue dashcam in several different locations. However, the most popular option is to mount it on your windshield behind the rear-view mirror. It provides an unobstructed view of the road ahead and makes it easy to watch your display while driving. Other popular locations include mounting on the dash (below the windshield) or the top of the centre console. If you have any questions about where to install your dashcam, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

How do I set up my BlackVue dashcam?

To set up your BlackVue dashcam, you’ll need to download the BlackVue app and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can pair your dashcam with your phone. After the dashcam is paired, you can begin using it. The BlackVue app allows you to view real-time footage from your dashcam and playback previously recorded footage. You can also use the app to change settings on your dashcam.

How long does the BlackVue battery last?

The BlackVue battery will last for around four hours when in continuous use. However, suppose you are using the recording device for something that requires much power, such as live streaming. In that case, the battery will only last for two hours. In addition, if you are frequently starting and stopping the recording device, the battery will last for a shorter time.